Yet another Vermont restaurant is adding CBD to its menu as Stowe’s Laughing Moon Chocolates is offering CBD-infused sweets and chocolates, Stowe Today reports. Laughing Moon was approached by CBD-producer Elmore Mountain Therapeutics to consider adding the cannabinoid and Leigh Williams, the chocolatier’s owner, said it “became pretty obvious” it was something the company should try.

“Chocolate seemed like a natural fit for infusion and working with Laughing Moon satisfied yet another of our objectives: to work with, support, promote and encourage the proliferation of woman-owned businesses and women’s role in the emerging cannabis industry,” said Elmore Therapeutics President Ashley Reynolds in the report.

Laughing Moon’s first CBD-infused product is a white chocolate ganache with lemon; and Williams is considering two other products – a chamomile-lavender truffle and a dark chocolate with blueberries and almonds. The truffles contain .75 milliliters of CBD.

“We’re looking for some more mellow options to put it in, just because it is sort of an herbal option for anxiety and helping people sleep,” she told Stowe Today. “It’s supposed to sort of mellow you out and relax you. We didn’t want to put it in something too sugary.”

Reynolds said the move toward CBD is fueled by “the general public” who are “fed up with the pharmaceutical industry, over prescription of narcotics, and unwanted side effects” adding that she sees an “overwhelming trend” toward natural and alternative therapies.