8/7/17 STOCKBRIDGE, VT — Joe and Rebecca Pimentel of Luce Farm launched their new website on Monday August 7, 2017, which highlights their family farm, their dedication to the Vermont agricultural renaissance, and the release of three products utilizing CBD extracted from hemp grown on their property.

Luce Farm is a diverse organic production farm in Stockbridge, Vermont focused on creating quality hemp products with an emphasis on high-CBD strains. With almost 300 acres, Luce Farm is poised to become one of the top producers of Vermont-grown CBD-rich hemp and represents one of several Vermont farms positioning themselves within the cannabis industry.  Luce Farm products include honey, coconut oil, and topical balms — all containing their CBD-rich hemp.

The Pimentel family chose Vermont-based web agency CannaPlanners to design and build-out their website, which can be found at There, consumers can learn more about Luce Farm products and where to buy them. The website will be expanding soon to accommodate online shopping.



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  1. What a wonderful product. Well done Joe and Becca. Thank you for bringing a natural product that has and can help so many.
    Susan Pelletier

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