The highly anticipated new CBD-infused brew, aptly named Medicator, is ready to be rolled out this holiday weekend.

This beer, the first of its kind in the state of Vermont, is a collaboration between Long Trail Brewery and Luce Farm. This partnership was born out of friendship, creativity, and a desire to continue forging lasting and meaningful connections between local farms and businesses.

Matt Kopieki who is a bartender at Long Trail brewery, and a part time crew member at Luce Farm, and good friend of Joe and Rebecca Pimentel brought in a batch of Luce Farm’s hemp honey to the brewpub. Needless to say, the staff loved it.

Shortly after that, Joe spoke with the pub manager and, after a bit of conversation and brainstorming, they both decided that a CBD-infused beer could be an amazing product. When the idea was brought to the Long Trail brewers, they agreed completely and thus began the Long Trail/Luce Farm partnership. “The best projects that we have typically are ones that aren’t forced and that we are working with friends on and that just come together organically.” Jed Nelson, Marketing Director at Long Trail brewery said.

When asked why this collaboration was so appealing, Joe said, “The biggest challenge for us in marketing our hemp crop is educating the masses about cannabidiol (CBD). We are thrilled to have a partner like Long Trail to deliver our message to their patrons.”

Recognizing that this is a very exciting collaboration, Drew Vetere, Communications Manager at Long Trail Brewery, noted that Medicator will be the first of its kind in Vermont. No other brewery has incorporated CBD products into their beer up to this point. “It’s pretty cool and exciting to be on the forefront of something and to continue our trend of being a leader in the industry.” Drew said enthusiastically.

In order to ensure consistency in each batch they brew, Long Trail is working with the PhytoScience Institute who tests and monitors cannabinoid potency. Ideally, the target is 15 mg per 12-ounce serving size. “They are able to get extremely accurate readings, enabling us to dial it in.” Jed noted.

From the Brewers:

Description: This unique offering combines CBD infused honey along with freshly grated ginger to create a smooth and refreshing beer.

A mild, sweet malt base is combined with zesty ginger spice, and citrus and floral notes from the hemp and hops.


Style: American Pale Ale

Original Gravity: 12.8p

Bitterness: 44ibu

Alcohol by Volume: 5.7%

Color: Golden

Notable Ingredients:

Luce Farm CBD infused Hemp Honey

Freshly grated Ginger

Citra & Mosaic Hops

“This is a project that really happened organically,” Drew said. “Luce Farm folks have been really excited to do this. There is a lot of energy around this project which is really cool to see. Everyone internally is really buzzing about it.”

This holiday weekend, Long Trail Brewery will release 30 gallons of Medicator. Because it is a small batch, 10 gallons each day will be available. The brewery will be open during its regular business hours, which are 10am to 7pm. It will be a very busy weekend, so the staff recommends arriving early.

In fact, at a recent sampling of this new brew, which took place over Labor Day weekend at Long Trail Brewery, Joe and Rebecca Pimentel found that they had sold out of Medicator samples in less than 3 hours to curious and excited visitors who traveled from many places just for a taste of this delicious new CBD-infused beer.

Joe and Rebecca Pimentel, owners and operators of Luce Farm, will be on site Saturday and Sunday, from 12-4pm to talk about the collaboration. They will also have a selection of their hemp products for sale, including hemp honey, hemp coconut oil, and hemp balm.