In an interview with Vermont Public Radio, Gov. Phil Scott indicated he was preparing to convene a “blue ribbon commission” and expects to name the body’s members “in the next few days.” Scott said the commission would investigate potential issues of legalization in Vermont while looking at other state programs for guidance.

“For me it’s to address some of the issues that I had initially about highway safety: How do we work with our neighbors? How do we make sure that we’re protecting the most vulnerable and our kids?” Scott said in the report.

The highway safety issue was one of the primary reasons the governor gave for vetoing legislation passed by the legislature in May. Under the law, Vermonters would have been allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis and grow up to four mature cannabis plants.

“I just think it’s imperative that we stay ahead of the curve as best we can and make sure that we prepare ourselves,” he explained in the interview.

State Sen. Dick Sears said he hopes the commission looks at the “‘how to’ rather than [the] ‘if.’”

“Should we do something like Washington State? Should we do something like Alaska? You know, various other models,” he said in the report.

Scott indicated the commission would likely look at ways to detect cannabis impairment and establish regional impairment standards.