Creek Valley Cannabidiol is one of the newest LLCs in Vermont’s burgeoning CBD production industry. Founded 2016 in Irasburg, Vermont, Creek Valley CBD is rooted in caregiving and providing friends and family with natural medicine in the form of CBD. Creek Valley has since expanded in a few short years to become a 4,000 hemp plant, 100-acre livestock and crop farm specializing in unique CBD-infused products such as coconut oil, vaporizer pens, and kombucha.

For founder Kyle Gruter-Curham, growing hemp is a combination of farmland savvy and local necessity. While teaching science at Laraway School in Johnson and farming part time, Kyle was researching the next crop to approach in cultivation. While learning about CBD, its yield, and medicinal properties, Kyle’s sister began suffering from frequent, uncontrollable seizures. Said Kyle, “This was the last push I needed; I signed onto the Vermont Hemp Registry for one acre.” Since she didn’t respond to pharmaceutical medicine, Kyle saw it as an opportunity to grow medicine for her, as well as other friends suffering from painful ailments. “She hasn’t had a seizure since last August,” Kyle continued. “CBD oil has really helped. It was helping people, so I got behind it and here we are today.”

Since Kyle developed a raw product that people have truly responded to, he was able to combine it with unique, funky mediums for a distinct product line. Most recently, the CBD-infused kombucha has been a big hit. “I launched the CBD oil line to help my sister, but I also ferment a lot of products; it seemed natural to get into the combination of the two,” Kyle explained. “Kombucha is in a lot of stores right now and we’re really pushing for this because of the opportunities to provide the benefits of CBD with the benefits of probiotics.”

Creek Valley’s CBD is produced through a solventless extraction process. While many industrial processors use harsh, often volatile hydrocarbon solvents to extract oil, distillate, and isolate, Kyle’s method is medically deliberate. “[Solvent extracts] are counterproductive to give to someone with medical ailments, they don’t need the residuals of petrochemicals in their medicine,” explained Kyle. “These other products don’t contain the same plant synergy, many important cannabinoids have been stripped away.”

As Creek Valley Cannabidiol expands, Vermont consumers can expect new infusions and an expanding line of quality local products. In the meantime, keep an eye out for their CBD Ginger Kombucha, available at select retailers around the state, including Pete’s Greens Farm Market in Waterbury Center. For more information, visit