Restaurant in Burlington Offering CBD-Infused TreatsA Burlington restaurant is now selling truffles that are infused with 20 milligrams of CBD, according to a report from Seven Days. The confections sold by Monarch & the Milkweed, run $10 per piece and will only be available to adults 18-and-older.

Monarch chef-owner Andrew LeStourgeon said CBD-infused sweets were part of the restaurant’s plan all along and that they “believe that cannabis has a very legal and healthy place in the world.”

“…We’re [pleased] to be part of the process to get it there,” he said in the report. “It was always our intention to make these [products] available. We’ve been gearing up to this for a while.”

The truffles are available in two flavors: Strawberry Blonde, a strawberry fondant coated in a white-chocolate shell, and Andy’s Mints, a dark-chocolate shell containing a liquid mint fondant. LeStourgeon said the Milkweed pastry team is planning on making five flavors available every day.

The former Hen of the Wood pastry chef said the team is “not pretending to be a doctor’s office” when asked about what effects a customer could feel from the treats. “We are not suggesting behaviors or feelings or effects for this.”

Currently, the products will only be offered at the Milkweed, but LeStourgeon said he is “open to” selling them in other shops.